Sheng Sheng

My name is Sheng

I’m from Taiwan

I’ve kept land hermit crabs for over 15 years

I first attempt to breed in captivity in 2008

and success in 2012(Coenobita perlatus、Coenobita rugosu)、2016(Coenobita brevimanus、Coenobita purpureus、Coenobita rugosu)、2017(Coenobita rugosu 、Coenobita clypeatus).

Once I reached 851 juvenile crabs , and now Coenobita perlatus*2、Coenobita brevimanus*12、Coenobita purpureus*58、Coenobita rugosu*13、Coenobita clypeatus*28 is still alive.

my youtube: